Declaring the "fight is nowhere close to being over," President Barack Obama on Tuesday heralded strides in the effort to confront Ebola in West Africa and in protecting the U.S. against the spread of the deadly virus.

President Barack Obama will be awarded the bulk of his $6.2 billion request to fight Ebola in Africa, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee said Thursday.

image4 Dr. Michael Mawanda saw some disturbing behaviors when he was in Sierra Leone helping fight the Ebola epidemic, including relatives removing patients from the hospital where he worked.

image7 GENEVA (Reuters) - Ebola continues to spread in Sierra Leone, Liberia and to a lesser extent in Guinea, with a combined 44 new cases and 21 deaths between July 6-8, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

Ebola Roar For a fleeting moment last spring, the epidemic sweeping West Africa might have been stopped. But the opportunity to control the virus, which has now caused more than 7,800 deaths, was lost.

ebola free district Pujehun, in the south east, has had no cases for 42 days after early decision to clamp down on public gatherings

Economical Kadiatu Sesay sprinkles the chili peppers and tomatoes on her vegetable stand in Krootown market with cool water. It helps keep them fresh looking and appetizing while she waits for customers.

Ebola Horrific stories Left by themselves in a high-risk Ebola clinic after their parents died from the disease, these two babies could not be picked up and cuddled by anyone.